Indefinite™: Interrogation Game

You are a prime suspect in our investigation. We would love to ask you a few questions.

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What is Indefinite?

Indefinite is a frantic memory game that is simple yet insane. Indefinite makes you an unfortunate suspect of an unfair interrogation. Indefinite will question you until you crack.

It is a unique experience that is hard to label. In the end, Indefinite is Indefinite.

What are its features?

Dozens of unique questions and over a hundred unique answers.

Smart timer that adjusts based on question-length.

Interrogation Protocol Revision: get new questions and answers without a full app update.

Dynamic end report generated based on your answers to questions.

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"This is the rare text-based game that manages to be both simple and incredibly unsettling at the same time."

Michael Crider, Android Police

"One of the strangest game concepts I've come across in recent years."

Hadlee Simons,

"Offers a unique twist on the concentration game genre."

Jeff Causey, Talk Android

"It's a tense, unsettling experience that does a lot with its minimalistic presentation."

Dora Breckinridge, Jay is Games

"Entertaining gameplay, convenient interface, and thrilling questions – all these things are waiting for you in Indefinite!"

"To sum up, Indefinite is a perfect tool to boost your memory."

"All in all, Indefinite is truly worth downloading."

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Assist the government's investigation. Send your suspicious peers in for interrogation today.


Indefinite is available to download on mobile devices. On the web, it requires Adobe Flash:

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Indefinite: Interrogation Game was developed in a little over a month by Brandon Li.

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